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Easy Way to Make Calls to Your Government Representatives

Looking for an easy way to make calls to your government representatives? Use 5 Calls!!!
It’s an application available for iPhones, Android devices and computers* that makes it easy to call your representatives in the House, Senate and whoever else in the state or federal government that needs to receive feedback on a list of issues that concern us all. Search 5 Calls at your preferred app store and download it.

After downloading the application, enter your address or zip code so the app can determine which district you live in. When you click one of the many issues, it gives you background information on that issue. It then tells you which representatives to call. When you click on the representative’s name, you will see the phone number and a script of what to say. (Of course, you can use your own words, but keep it clean.) Press the phone number and make your call.

After you have made your call, click the representative’s name and enter the result of the call, either “Unavailable”, “Left Voicemail”, or “Made Contact”. The app counts up the calls you make.

The goal is to make five calls a day, but that is not a requirement. You can learn more about the app, and the process, at the 5 Calls Website. Happy calling!

*NOTE: On a regular computer (PC) there is no software needed. You can make your calls directly through the 5 Calls Website.

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